Top 10 TailGating Games

Tailgating games are a great way to enjoy tailgate parties before the big game. Below is a list of the Top 10 Tailgating Games on the market.

If you feel that we left out a tailgating game that deserves a top ten placement please leave a comment below and let us know.


1. Cornhole Game (aka Bean Bag Toss or Baggo)
Cornhole Game

The Cornhole game tops our list as the best tailgating game on the market. The game with a funny name is extremely addicting and seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. What is Cornhole and How to Play?


2. Washers Toss Game

Washers Toss Game

The washers toss game is played by tossing washers at a 2ft x 2ft box that has a six inch pipe in the center. The goal is to land inside the box (1pt) or inside the pipe (3pts). The first person to 21 wins. The washers game shown above also uses small bean bags.


3. Redneck Golf (aka Ladder Ball)

Redneck Golf

Redneck golf (aka ladder ball, ladder golf or hillbilly golf) is played by tossing bollos at the ladder and wrapping your bollo around one of the rungs on the ladder. Each rung has a different point value.


4. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a very popular tailgating game among the younger crowd at Tailgate parties, college dorm rooms, camping and more.


5. Frisbeer (aka Polish Horseshoes)

Polish Horseshoes

Frisbeer is played by throwing a frisbee at a beer can placed on top of a post. Simple concept but more difficult than it appears.


6. Target Toss Game

Target Toss

Target toss is played by tossing bean bags at a target with 5 holes and each hole has a different point value.


7. Yard Dice Game

Yard Dice



8. Quarters Game

Quarters Game

How to Play Quarters?


9. Kubb


What is Kubb and How to Play?


10. Quoits Ring Toss Game

Quoits Ring Toss Game


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